How to get a value from a json

I have to get the “media_id” value from the json that is sent to me from facebook, I tried everything but I can’t. how can I do? <?php $challenge = $_REQUEST[‘hub_challenge’]; $verify_token = $_REQUEST[‘hub_verify_token’]; // Set this Verify Token Value on my Facebook App if ($verify_token === ‘token’) { echo $challenge; $readjson = file_get_contents(‘php://input’); //Decode […]

There was a problem with my add to cart function. I was unable to add the data into database

My project online grocery store. So while adding the products i was unable to add the products into cart. The below written code is a function for add to cart. I am unable to get database into the table.I have tried clicking on the products it refreshs but no database is entered. function cart() { […]

Mass eviction in Portland to uproot low-income families

Mass eviction in Portland to uproot low-income families Callie Ferguson | BDN Callie Ferguson | BDN Serena McIntyre’s 4-year-old son, Jaedyn Ellis, is pictured Nov. 4 at his home in Portland. McIntyre’s family is one of at least 16 households being evicted for no cause, after their apartment building got a new owner who wants…

Alain Ah Vee – Political Broadcast on Kreol Langua

Alain Ah Vee – Political Broadcast on Kreol Language 05.11.2019 Good evening! In LALIT we believe that all languages have the right to live freely. All languages are equal. But, successive Governments since Independence have promoted English and French to the detriment of Kreol. Whether Labour, PMSD, the MMM or MSM, they all repress the…

Vuelve a escuchar “Las Mañanas KISS” (05/11/2019)

Pinterest Esta mañana hemos descubierto qué tal fue la cita a ciegas entre Ramiro y Violeta y hemos felicitado de una forma muy especial a Elba en su 70 cumpleaños. Además, nos hemos reído con los chistes de los oyentes y con sus “abueletadas”, esas cosas que hacemos que demuestran que nos hacemos mayores. Aquí…